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Medical Coding Services

Coding is the DNA of practice revenue. Grow-High unlocks it.

As Grow-High manage coding procedures, we boost practice productivity. Our expert certified coders accurately classify each treatment and procedure to generate revenue so that you spend more time on patient care and core operations.

Our expert team

Our coding teams are certified and are experienced in processing complex medical codes in multiple medical specialties. Our certified coders possess a range of skills that comply with current physician and hospital requirements, and verify each medical code based on the patient’s clinical record.

That’s why clients trust us to manage their medical coding requirements and optimize their reimbursements from payers.

Grow-High focuses and ensure clients are reimbursed for all rendered care to which they are legally and ethically entitled. We educate our employees to optimize risk-averse documentation methodologies. Through medical record review, we ensures that records adequately meet, if not exceed, national correct coding guidelines and federal documentation requirements. Beyond education, we assists in defense against RAC and/or other payer audits that subjectively exaggerate negative findings around provider coding and/or billing activity.

Educational Sessions:

While employees continued education is most important, Grow-High provides expert work on a variety of topics including but not limited to: E&M documentation optimization, appropriate modifier utilization, charge setting, key performance indicators, revenue cycle management (billing) department review, how to perform medical record review, etc..

The Coding Process includes the following steps:

  • Retrieve medical records or access the client’s EHR or PMS through a secured connection or cloud.
  • Pre-Coding to check and validate the correctness of information
  • Review the records and assign appropriate procedure (CPT) and Diagnoses codes (ICD)
  • Complete the audit of coded documents by QA team
  • Batch completion report sent to the client
  • Receive feedback from the client on any nuances


  • Accuracy level is maintained at 98%
  • The coders are involved in continuing education programs.
  • Coding services with turnaround time of 24 hours.
  • Provide on-going feedback to clients with regard to the changes in the codes and its selections that affect reimbursements.
  • With Grow-High you can be confident of ICD-10 compliant and process efficient. Our approach to ICD-10 will also help further streamline the RCM processes.

Following industry coding standards are used:

  • ICD-10 CM (International Classification of Diseases) for Diagnosis codes
  • CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) for Procedure codes
  • HCPCS (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System) to code Level II and Level III code