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Denial and A/R Management

Denied Claims, Late Payments, and Unsettled Claims are the biggest worry of providers and this need special attention due to the strain they put on the healthcare providers' revenue.

With Grow-High’s aggressive and expert approach to account receivables and follow up process, you can look forward to accurate and faster payments.

Our Comprehensive systems and processes improve your practice with efficient workflow and effective RCM management. Through battle-hardened strategies, Grow-High will comprehensively scrub, audit, process, and follow-up on all your insurance claims. We can minimize rejection rates to less than 1% and reduce the time awaiting reimbursement to less than 15 days.

  • Running insurance reports and identifying claims
  • Insurance calling by experienced analysts.
  • Segregating claims based on due time, on which our follow up team acts
  • Identify the grounds for claims denials
  • Appropriate action is taken wherever clarification or additional documentation is required for each account.
  • Track down outstanding receivable balances
  • Information is compiled and sent to the client
  • Follow up team handles payment posting of all checks coming in from insurance companies
  • Results in the clients getting paid more and much faster