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EMR/EHR integration services


Grow-High offers medical transcription and EMR integration services for a wide range of clients at an exceptional rate. Grow-High’s secure system helps doctors to get their dictations transcribed and place right into their EMRs’ patient chart. The patient charts are integrated in just 12 hours, which helps providers to focus more on patient care.

There is no doubt that the transcription world is changing. Already, a most of providers, clinics, and hospitals convert to Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and Electronic Health Records (EHR). This transition, in essence, effectively streamlines and optimizes data storage, patient tracking, record keeping, and government regulation.

An EMR is a convenient, well-organized, and very efficient way to manage patient clinical data. After patient evaluations, providers need to dictate consultation, new patient visit, chart notes, follow-up notes using a dicta phone. They then have the mundane option of inserting the data and transcribing notes themselves directly into the EMR. However, this is obviously incredibly inefficient and time-consuming, ultimately decreasing the number of patients one can see.

Transcribing and charting directly in to EMR by your own may lead to diversion of time and resources to unproductive tasks and also divert focus from patient’s care. While EHRs are sold to physicians as a way to increase quality while making documentation more efficient, few providers have seen as much return on that promise as they could like. EHRs can be time consuming to use on a daily basis, and patient interaction can suffer when being forced to peer at a computer screen during consult after consult.

The best solution is to let a professional typist do the typing, and allow the physician to use his skills where they do the most good.

Allowing company like us to transcribe and chart directly into the EMR / EHR saves an incredible amount of time and money. It also guarantees the accuracy of documentation. Doctors will do as they always have: utilize audio recording devices and software to dictate patient evaluation notes. After uploading the audio file, medical transcriptionists efficiently and effectively work directly in the EMR to chart and, if desired, embed a medical transcript.

Advantages Grow-High Offers

  • Comprehensive and accurate documentation
  • Saving Time and Resources
  • Blended approach leads to increased productivity
  • Ensure efficiency, productivity, and accuracy.
  • 12-14 hours of TAT
  • Template Customization and Integration
  • Office Notes

Grow-High offers full EMR Medical Transcription Integration with all type of EMRs whether it may be online or system bounded. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs.