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How Our Medical Billing and Claim Processing Transition Works

We are the bridge between doctor’s practice, the insurance provider and the patient. We provide best knowledge and expertise in order to make smooth transition of your process. Your time is valuable and you want to dedicate time and resources to your patients. Grow-High handles the all process hassles of all claim processing tasks so you can focus on your vital role as a healthcare provider.

Whether you choose traditional billing or EMR, Grow-High analyzes your process to streamline steps and maximize efficiency and savings.

New Clients

During the initial process shifting at Grow-High, we analyze, evaluate and validate the practice's entire revenue cycle. This important process identifies gaps in the current revenue cycle and potential opportunities to increase practice revenues.

  • Assessment Phase: We examine your existing insurance claim processing cycle and fee structure to target improvements which make processes more efficient.
  • Recommendations: Grow-High review your practice needs then provides recommendations suitable to your medical specialty.
  • Validation: Grow-High inspects the procedure codes you use for accuracy and the appropriate level of service and reimbursement.
  • Implementation: Grow-High consults with you to determine a process for integrating with our services so the transfer process is seamless.